EasyMe is designed for public, easy to maintain and user friendly. Specific for professionals, EasyMe allows the CV attachment sharing in one-tap.

Yes. You can enjoy EasyMe for free, however, the features are limited.

Professional EasyMe (Paid) can be purchased annually through EasyMe website. You can get a personalized NFC card to easy share your profile and contact.

EasyMe accepts payments through QRIS, Gopay, Ovo, Dana, Selected Virtual Account and Bank Transfers.

You can order EasyMe Smart Card from vCard dashboard menu. There are several special designs that you can choose from, or you can submit your design to us.

EasyMe Smart Card works perfectly in every handphone with Near-Field Communication (NFC) feature by tapping the card to the NFC Reader. Then, you will be directed to the profile link directly.

1. Eco friendly - minimum waste 2. Contactless - tap to NFC reader or scan QR code 3. Durable - long-term & cost-savings 4. Up-to-date - update your recent profile anytime 5. Personalized - custom your own card design and profile layout

No. The digital profile is accessible and editable on any browser in handphone and desktop. Moreover, there is no additional application to share and receive your EasyMe profile.

EasyMe requires up to 10 business days to produce your Smart Card. Then, another 2-5 business days for delivery within Java areas, depending on the courrier services. We will share the shipment receipt accordingly.

Yes. You can contact EasyMe admin for further discussion.